YOUR SKIN IS YOUR LARGEST ORGAN!  If you eat natural, you should use natural based soap.  This soap is nourishing, moisturizing, healing, and protective.

- All 6 Scents contain no artificial color and no artifical fragrance.

- All 6 scents use an "all natural exquisite base"

Ingredients -


Available Scents:

-Lemon & Rosemary (Vegan)

-Mint & Oatmeal (Vegan)

-Patchouli & Lavendar (Vegan)

-Lavender & Avocado Bar (Vegan)

-Almond & Oats Spa Bar (Vegan)

-Charcoal & Eucalyptus Bar (Vegan)

(Qualities of each scent below)



(6 PACK) Savvy Fit Soap by TASCOFit

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  • There are no returns of soap.  They are spectacular, natural, and top quality.  

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