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PLYOGA Certification includes full education to teach PLYOGA and to receive CEUs. 

PLYOGA is a 4-Part Interval Training Format that uses the flexibility components of Yoga as an Active Recovery for fun and modifiable Plyometric movements. Easy to use outside.  Build your own classes using our format and tools!

This is what PLYOGA is all about.  All exercise planes evenly. No equipment.  Core Intervals built in.  Watch:

PLYOGA offers a LIVE Online Certification that may even be BETTER than the in-person experience. 

You get all of the tools of the day at your fingertips, and you get your own food and clean bathroom.  

There is a $59 registration that gives you all materials and education for PLYOGA. 

There is also a $99 registration that gives you everything from the $59 experience, as well as a $79 (8 Piece) FitKit, the ($50) CASE Method Workout Series and education on how to teach CASE Method.  $229 value for an extra $40. 

Get more info in this video:

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