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PLYOGA is an awesome tool to use with children of all ages.  It is becoming increasingly popular at every level to introduce students to functional fitness more so than predominately sports.  PLYOGA combines fun and intense plyometric movement with the benefits of Yoga as an active recovery.  It can be done anywhere and at anytime without equipment, eliminating space, budget, and resource issues.  PLYOGA is smart and filled with goal setting queues, social emotional learning aspects, the newest fitness discoveries, and an attitude that leaves your school feeling empowered and READY TO GO GUARANTEED! 


Empowering the youth of the world to make smart decisions is something we are very passionate about. 


PLYOGA uses every attribute of fitness, so everyone can find a home in our format.  We work in every fitness plane evenly while helping participants mentally understand their personal strength, so they can physically achieve. 

Interactive Downloads

Let your students assess themselves with this handy tool!

Teach your students the importance of activating themselves for success

Every classroom can incorporate movement for better learning

I just wanted to again thank you and your team for your great presentation and GRIT! You entertained and motivated our students and we thank you for the amazing time! I believe in your mission and think you have created something amazing! As a teacher for the past 7 years, I have always loved fitness and believe our students need the push and creative, fun ideas for activity! Your program provides this! Keep it up! I will be sure to recommend you! Lauren (Pennsylvania)

Wonderful energy.  Excellent knowledge on current science as it pertains to fitness training.  Very approachable, friendly!  Every part of the day was beneficial to the PE experience.  Kevin (New York)

I loved this.  I am a PE and Dance teacher and have been interested in how movement rewires the brain.  I feel like all of these movements can help our students do better in the classroom.  I'm sure that the neuro-science research supports what you are doing too! - Nicole (Connecticut) 

Best PD I have ever taken - Mark (New York City)

All I have to say is that the 11th & 12th graders are LOVING PLYOGA.  We are on our 2nd week of the program and the kids really feel the difference and I can see their skills advancing each day! - Sara (New Jersey)

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